Tricia Booker Photography

Black Ice

Black Ice

Icy Grille

My truck bore witness to my week. This morning when I went out, not only was it covered with ice, but the driver side door was also frozen shut.

Thankfully, I have a remote start, so I could warm it up without having to get in. But even that usually reliable electronic savior was grumpy from lack of use. It did start on the second push of the button, but the engine wasn’t exactly “happy” to be roused from its state of torpor.

After thinking for a moment, I realized that I hadn’t driven the Tahoe since Tuesday night when Cameron had soccer practice. I had so many contractors, workmen and deliveries this week that I hadn’t really noticed I’d not left the house in days. The cold may not inspire me to get out and run errands or shop, but it doesn’t prevent me from taking out my camera!


  1. You always surprise me! I love your shot, especially since when I thought of “black ice” I envisioned the slick road ice I have spun in circles on several times–and wondered how you would photograph that! Yours is better!

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