Tricia Booker Photography

Ayrshire Fountain

Ayrshire Fountain

Ayrshire Fountain

I made a quick trip down the road to Ayrshire Farm in Upperville this afternoon to drop off a photograph I donated to the Le Bal de Fur, a ball to benefit the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.

I enjoy visiting this estate, which often hosts fund-raisers for local conservation and animal-rescue and welfare organizations. It’s lovingly kept by Sandy Lerner and has a wonderful stable full of Shire horses as well as a collection of rare breeds of livestock raised humanely and through sustainable farming methods.

As much as I enjoy seeing the animals peacefully grazing in the Ayrshire fields as I often drive by, I also like knowing that when I eat at my favorite local restaurant, Hunter’s Head, I’m contributing to the continuing success of this farming operation.


    • Thank you! Yes, I did. I photographed this using the iPhone filter Camera+, then I used the Clarity filter to give it a bit more dimension and increased the saturation in Lightroom for additional color. The sky is a bit blown out, but without the added saturation it seemed too gray.

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