Tricia Booker Photography

Morning Alarm


Coyote Tracks

It was 4:42 a.m. when my alarm went off. And, no, it wasn’t my usual iPhone wake-up call. A pack of coyotes suddenly began yipping and howling, and it sounded like they were right under the bedroom window.

I quickly got up to see if I could spot them. It was dark, but clear skies and snow cover allowed me to see shapes and shadows. They continued their eerie howling for another 30 seconds or so, but the sound diminished as they moved farther away, and I didn’t see any movement.

I’ve viewed coyotes here on the mountain in past years, a loner trotting across the road, for instance, but I’d never seen them in a pack. It’s quite a startling experience to hear several vocalizing in your backyard.

This morning when I went out to get the newspaper, I found their tracks crossing the driveway. Their presence will certainly make me think twice about letting Peppermint out in the middle of the night without supervision, because you never know who could be lurking in those shadows.


  1. Vicki

    yes, I would be very careful.. where we used to live there was an urban forest and the coyotes that had dens there wandered the neighborhoods at night.. when they found the den it was full of cat collars and dog collars.. . I used to hear them howling at night and it was quite un-nerving. thankfully on Vancouver Island where we are now, there are no coyotes

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