Tricia Booker Photography

Sunrise And Sunset



We awoke this Valentine’s Day to a beautifully snowy world. It’s been a photographer’s dream week here on the mountain, from this blanket of morning snow to some of the most dramatic sunsets I’ve seen in many years.



These images of our driveway were taken two days apart. And although I did edit them both slightly in Lightroom and Color Efex Pro 4 for Clarity and Contrast, the colors are pretty true to life.

I was so amazed by the sunset, I actually went out twice to photograph it. The first time I was certain I’d caught it at the peak, but then 10 minutes later I glanced out the window and it looked like the mountain was on fire.

I’ve seen sunsets like this a few times up here, and one evening a few months ago Cam and I got in the truck and chased a sunset down the mountain for a better vantage point. Interestingly, the lower we went the less colorful it became; whether that change was from time or altitude, I’m not sure.

So, this evening I stayed here, working my way around the property with my camera, and even though I didn’t have that clear view of the valley, it was still a stunning end to a lovely winter day.



  1. Today’s pictures makes me see what I miss out on by living in the “sunnier” South. Each day, your pictures are so wonderfully interesting and the comments put every photo into very meaningful prospective. Thanks for letting me be a part!!!

    • Thanks, Lucinda! I do like the snow but not necessarily the cold. I think I could live in the South full-time and not miss the winters too much. I always appreciate your comments and observations and am so happy that we’re connected again on a regular basis!

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