Tricia Booker Photography

Squirrel Proof

Fat Squirrel

Plump Squirrel

I think I’ve finally outwitted the squirrels! For the past two days this persistent squirrel has climbed all over the front porch rails, leaping and sliding, but to no avail. He just can’t figure out a way to reach the new bird feeder hanging under the porch.

This morning he sat on the railing and stared at me through the window. Only the semi-squirrel-proof feeder had seed, and evidently he wasn’t having much luck hanging upside-down and flipping the door.

He sat and posed for the camera, giving me the eye. I wondered what was going through his little rodent mind: “Get out here and give me a ladder!” or “Fill up the other feeder so I can stuff my face!”

Eventually, he jumped to the ground and sauntered back to the bird feeder. I guess he figured out I wasn’t going to succumb to those dark, pleading eyes. But maybe if he hangs out long enough by the window he’ll see Peppermint, the master of begging, showing off her talents, and then I’ll just be putty in his little paws.


  1. Awww, poor Mama Squirrel needs food too! She looks like she is pregnant. Can you make a little bench for her with dried corn? Drive a nail through a board and the core in the cob will go right down it. Then, squirrel and birds won’t have to compete for your love. πŸ˜‰

    • I did try putting out corn, but it wasn’t well received. The squirrels now, unfortunately, have a taste for the bird seed. But you needn’t worry, Lucinda. I’m still filling up the non-squirrel-proof feeder, so they’re getting plenty of food, as you can see by her plump belly!

    • I think they’ll figure out eventually that they can get on the roof of the porch and drop down onto the feeder. It’s just a matter of time until one of them works that out in their head. For now, they’re content in helping themselves over on the other feeders since it’s an easier approach!

  2. Good for you! That’s an adorable photo!
    We have a squirrel here that we feed peanuts. He tries to get at the bird feeders but hasn’t figured it out yet. When I hear a little “thump” at our glass door, I usually see a little squirrel face looking inside, longing for some handouts. He usually cleans up what the birds drop from the feeders.

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