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The Rose

The Rose

The Rose

I spent yesterday at a Macro and Close-Up Photography workshop hosted by the Blue Ridge Photography Workshops.

It was a cold, gray winter day, and as I packed my equipment in the morning and scraped the snow off my truck, I was glad this lesson was held indoors. As it turned out, the workshop featured a variety of stations with various backdrops, lighting and a huge table set up with props, from toy cars to flowers to bread to colored pencils and old tools. Color and texture abounded!

I’ve played with macro photography over the past several years, but seeing all of the many ways you can set up and photograph household items–even with do-it-yourself lighting stations–and get amazing results was quite inspiring. At the end of the day, the instructors held a critique of the day’s work, and it was great to see all of the different ways the students used the props and lighting to make their artistic visions reality.

I spent some time with a single white rose laying on a light box and used an orange gel sheet and baby’s breath as accompaniments. This image was shot with a 105 mm lens, 1/4 second at f 29 and edited slightly in Lightroom 4 using the Clarity, Vibrance and Sharpening sliders.



  1. Oh my, this is gorgeous and I even had to call Harold to see it. He is particularly interested in the details of what you used to get the effect. The workshop outside would have been perfect for frozen flowers!!! 😉

    • Really, the lens I think was the key. Using a macro lens that allows you to get close to the flower (or other subject) and fine-tune the focus really makes the image look the way it does. I also used a light box, which means the light came from underneath the flower. The orange glow was from a plastic-coated orange colored sheet (see-through) that I placed between the light and the flower. I also used a tripod and release cable to keep the camera as still as possible during the exposure. Hope that helps!

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