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Beautiful In Blue

Pretty in Blue

Beautiful in Blue

While I was working today at the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival, I took a break to walk around with my camera. I noticed this adorable horse standing in the schooling area waiting for his turn and couldn’t help taking a few photos.

Unlike many of the veteran show horses who go to sleep or look totally bored ringside, he was very interested in his surroundings and watched everything intently. He appeared to have a lot of character and was particularly friendly and affectionate toward his people.

I’ve owned a few horses who lacked personality, and after having a few who had personality to spare, I’ve realized how much more I enjoy being around those who make me smile, just like this one.


  1. I love this photo…the horse is beautiful and you can see the life in the beautiful eyes and the connection the horse has to life and to his people and also to your camera…I would love to ride this beautiful horse….thank you for sharing:)

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      • Congratulations Tricia:) Your blog and your photos are very deserving for this award! I love how you can capture the right moment in both human and animal subjects…and I love your horse photos:) You are a very gifted artist….enjoy and have fun!

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