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We experienced another ice storm today, although it didn’t turn out to be as problematic as the forecasters had implied. We had a slight coating of ice on the trees and shrubs, but thankfully the roads remained fine and I was able to attend my meetings and return home without problems.

For this week’s A-Z Challenge I chose ice, since I’ve had ample opportunity to photograph a variety of icy subjects this winter. This is an image of a shrub that was edited in Lightroom and Color Efex Pro 4 using the Detail Extractor filter.

After spending the past week in Florida, it was a rude awakening to spend time today scraping ice off my vehicle and once again donning my typical four layers of winter wear. But spring is just around the corner, and I know this is true because I saw the first Robin of the season in the yard today!


  1. Glorious shot! And I too am eager for spring. You seeing a robin gives me hope. Just the other day I saw some small purple flowers trying to bloom–and about 5 honeybees were abuzz around them encouraging them to open! Spring will be here soon!

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