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It’s difficult to imagine eating a horse, but I know in many cultures horse meat is considered a delicacy.

I fell in love with horses as a small child, and since then I’ve thought of them in many ways, from teachers, friends, athletes, partners and simply as beautiful when I observe them in their natural state, free and grazing in their fields.

Therefore, the recent articles exposing the European horse meat scandal have made me cringe. I feel for all of the many horse lovers who have inadvertently discovered they’ve been duped into eating an animal that they cherish.

After listening to a segment on NPR and reading the latest on the ever-growing list of countries finding horse meat in their products, I sat down at my computer this morning to edit photos. It’s difficult to comprehend this gorgeous animal as food, and I’m grateful that living here in the United States I don’t have to.


  1. I totally agree and cringe with you! I find it evil and sick to do this to one of the most beautiful and elegant animals on earth. If we are blessed enough to own a horse, we know that horses are so very human. They have emotions and get their feelings hurt. I brought Melody home when she was 3…she will be 8 this year…I put her into the paddock with the stall that is very close to the house. Annie was 6 months old when I brought her home, at that time Melody was 5 and I moved her over one stall so Annie would feel more secure and settle in being closest to the house. Melody pouted and sulled up…when I would feed her she would not look at me:) After 2 days of that I moved Annie over and brought Mel back to “Her” stall and she was happy again, life was normal and good:) Annie was fine with the arrangement even though she feels I am hers too as I am the boss mare mom:) Horses become our best friends as they seek to be our partner in life. I remember my Dad showing me when I was a little girl how horses can feel one fly on their back as they are that sensitive. Killing horses the way they do is barbaric and using their flesh for food is horrid!!!
    I LOVE this photo too! Beautiful horse and so much life and light in his soft eyes:)

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