Tricia Booker Photography

Valley Evening

March Evening

After The Storm

Well, this evening’s sunset over the Shenandoah Valley certainly looked beautiful and it made up, in part, for a tough day digging out after our 20-inch snowfall of yesterday.

We managed to get the Tahoe dug out and to the top of the driveway so my husband could get to work this morning, but that was all the good luck we had. Even with our wonderful neighbor moving snow from our driveway with her Kubota tractor, I managed to get both cars stuck trying to get out this afternoon.

With temperatures in the mid-40s and the March sun beating down, a slick coating of melted snow covered the driveway over the remaining few inches, and getting traction up the hill wasn’t happening, even with all wheel drive.

So, my back and shoulders are feeling the strain of digging out the cars, and I’m tired of seeing the birds staring at me through the windows and pecking at the empty feeders. But, thankfully, my husband is on the way home to help me get the Acura out of the snow bank, and he’s even making a stop on the way home for some bird seed.

Living on top of a mountain has its pros and cons, and today was evidence of both sides…but it could have been much worse. At least we have power!


  1. seattlecharlie

    I am looking forward to your photo challenge. There is something primal about living on the mountain and dealing with the elements that makes us feel good at the end of day, makes that warm tea a little extra special.

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