Tricia Booker Photography




Spring.  What a glorious word. Despite the patches of snow remaining in our yard, I felt spring in the air today. As I went outside to load the Tahoe with recycling this morning, I heard a familiar song.

It took me a moment to brush the cobwebs from my brain and realize that the song I heard was the Phoebe. They had returned to our yard to nest as they had for the past couple of years. As I made my treks from the garage to the Tahoe, I listened for their calls. And, as I was getting in to drive off, I saw a Phoebe alight on an adjacent tree, calling “phoebe, phoebe, phoebe.”

On my way to Middleburg, I passed through Upperville and stopped at the post office, where the first daffodils were just blooming. Despite the weather forecast for snow showers tomorrow, it feels like spring, sounds like spring and looks like spring. I’m looking forward to a fresh, new season and the return of more of my favorite birds. Life is good!


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