Tricia Booker Photography

More March Snow

Sparrow In Snow

Sparrow In Snow

I noticed in my recent posts I’ve highlighted most of the birds who visit our feeders, however, I’ve left out the sparrows.

Today, I focused on these plain but cute birds that generally travel in a flock and are usually the ones that clean up the spilled feed on the ground. A few of the braver sparrows do take their turns at the seed bell, and that’s what this one was up to when I caught him waiting for an opening.

This morning the feeders were desolate as the birds were off hunting for more interesting fare. But when the snow moved in this afternoon, they returned and even now, at 7 p.m., they’re still getting their fill at dusk before a cold and wet night envelops them.

This seems like the winter that will never end–we’re expecting another 6″ of snow overnight–but at least it keeps the birds close. And they were a pleasant distraction while I spent the weekend at my desk doing taxes.


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