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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense



This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge was Future Tense. At first, I think I took the definition too literally when I read the description on Friday. All that came to mind were the buds on a tree or flower primed and ready to emerge or a newborn foal or an untouched meal ready and waiting for that first bite.

As it turns out, I didn’t return to the challenge until this afternoon, and over the weekend among other chores and tasks I’d think about Future Tense every so often and ponder an appropriate photograph.

Today, though, when I was cleaning up my desk I came across my photos from a past trip to Charleston, South Carolina. This image jumped out at me. I really enjoyed shooting this gate and spent some time experimenting with camera settings and HDR to try to capture the mysterious feel this alley gave me while I was standing there.

This image reminds me of the future and how our choices determine where it leads us. On this day I walked through this alley to see where it led. What do you see? Would you take this path? What if it culminated in a dark and gloomy place? Would you change your mind?

It turns out that this path didn’t lead to a pretty and inviting garden or a courtyard as I’d imagined, but instead to a dull parking lot.

My future didn’t change much for taking this path, but it’s fun to imagine how it could have based on the many possibilities that arise when you decide to take a new path through an open gate.


  1. But for those of us who live in or near Charleston, we know there are many beautiful gates that lead to even more beautiful gardens! Hopefully you found some of those as well 🙂

  2. A great angle it sort of encourages me to want to explore and that palm tree at the end suggests more than a car park, but, oh well not always do we find what we expect but then we just look some more…

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