Tricia Booker Photography

South Carolina Break


My trip to South Carolina this week has been so full of fun and photography that I ended up killing my laptop during a batch of downloading.

I managed to revive it today, but it’s still quite under the weather. Thankfully I brought two portable hard drives so I didn’t lose any images, but editing has been put on the back burner until I return home.

My old faithful MacBook Pro is long in the tooth, and I’ve been carefully nursing it along the past six months until the line is updated. It’s almost six years old, which is probably close to 100 in computer years.

But as much as I would like a speedy new version, there’s something about this familiar keyboard and scuffed up screen that I will miss. Other than one minor repair under warranty and a replacement battery, it’s never let me down on travels here and abroad.

This time I pushed its tired hard drive a bit too far. I know. I’ll return home tomorrow and hope some TLC will help it feel better while I cross my fingers that it will just hold on until the rumored update in June.

If this two-day break in my blog posts turns out to be our biggest issue together, I’ll consider myself truly fortunate.


  1. Such a beautiful garden scene.

    I know about hanging on to a computer that you’re quite comfortable with. I was able to use my old desktop for 11 years, originally starting as a Win98SE platform upgraded to XP. I probably would still be using it if didn’t have a serious hiccup in early 2011.

    • Wow, David, that’s amazing! I am happy to have nearly six years with this one. Eleven years is quite a testament to your dedication to that machine! I know I will miss the keyboard, which feels like it’s broken in to my fingers. When I use my iMac it’s not the same at all.

  2. Wonderful photo Tricia! Isn’t funny how we become so attached to our computers/tools. We still have our old blueberry Imac and blueberry laptop packed away in boxes for some future revival. Macs rule!

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