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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In My Life

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge asked us to document a typical day in our lives visually. So, today I decided to focus on some of the small moments of my life that constitute the routine.

After getting started this morning, I realized that capturing some of these often unrecognized tasks is really more of what life is all about than special occasions that always seem to be what we find when we open scrapbooks and photo albums.

For me, it was waking up at sunrise, getting Cam off to school at 7 a.m., sitting down at my desk–which was actually my grandmother’s desk back in the 1950s–hanging out with Peppermint, making dinner this afternoon, taking Cam to soccer practice, going on a walk with my friend Margaret and her dog Buster, stopping at Subway to get Cam dinner at 8:15 p.m., and finally returning home to post my blog.

If I were to look back on this day next week, month or year, there wasn’t really anything special that would stand out, but collectively these activities are my life. The happiness and love of family, the loyalty of a favorite dog, the camaraderie of good friends and the opportunity to live in this country and spend my time however I choose to do so.

I’m fortunate to have these many small moments add up to a rich and satisfying life, and recognizing the routine allows me to pause for a moment and realize that if you’re always rushing to the next “big” event, you’re really missing what it’s all about.


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