Tricia Booker Photography

Peppermint Mellow

Peppermint Mellow

Peppermint Mellow

It was the first warm spring day of the year on the mountain, so during a quick lunch break I took Peppermint out for a walk around the yard and to check for emerging flowers.

We didn’t make it far. While I paused to search for the daffodils along the driveway, she sat down and could barely keep her eyes open. So, I joined her to see what it felt like, and it was pretty darn comfortable, with the sun shining down on the warm gravel.

So, we took our five-minute break quietly soaking in the rays and listening to the many birds singing in the woods. Even the rustling leaves of scampering squirrels didn’t prompt her to leave her spot, although she did turn her head and open an eye.

We’ve waited a long time for the spring of 2013 to arrive, and today we welcomed it home.


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