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Cam's Perspective

Cam’s Perspective

I want to thank everyone for the very special birthday wishes and likes that you all provided to Cam on his guest blog yesterday. He was thrilled with the responses and eagerly listened for my phone to ping last night after he published his post.

He arrived home from school and immediately went to the computer to check the new comments. Unfortunately, we were short on time with soccer practice after school, homework and now bed time, so he wasn’t able to respond to each person individually.

This was a very revealing birthday. He was much less interested in receiving gifts and much more into the human connections he made with his family and friends. So, I thank you all for viewing his photos and providing encouragement and birthday wishes. They meant a lot to us both!


  1. Gary McGinnis

    The difference between taking a picture and being a photographer is that the photographer is willing to lay in the dirt, grass weeds, etc. to have good composition. I’m trying to post a blog about that. The down side is the 13 year old photographer will soon want his own d800.. Stay focused Cam and you will be a great photographer. (No pun intended)

    • That is so true! Cam has no problem getting down and exploring different viewpoints. The vision of a child is also so different; I hope he retains that creativity. He sees things I don’t notice. Yes, he’s already asking for a new lens…

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