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Cam's Save

Cam’s Save

This spring season Cam returned to his roots as one of the goalies for his Clarke County Crew travel soccer team. A few years ago, he was the starting goalie for his Loudoun Lads team, but when he moved out West last fall he was tapped for his scoring ability.

As a veteran soccer Mom, I was relieved that he was no longer in the goal. It was always so nerve-wracking watching much larger boys barreling toward him, knowing that Cam’s agility wouldn’t always save him as he aggressively went for the ball.

But, this season he’s guarding the net again, and for some reason I’m not as nervous as I once was. Maybe it’s because he’s grown up in mind if not in body. He’s still one of the smallest kids on his team, but he just seems more focused and mature. I have faith that he’ll make the plays he needs to make without the freewheeling abandon of his younger years.

I was proud of Cam’s performance during Sunday’s game against a team from his former Loudoun league. The Crew may have lost the game in the final seconds, but Cam did his part in goal during the first half. And as well as saving goals, he saved his mother from stressing out too much!



  1. I love these words your write. I read the one from today, too! He does do an unbelievable job in goal! You should be very proud and in reading this it brings tears to my eyes. You have such a great relationship!

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