Tricia Booker Photography

Tough Day

The Clarke County Crew had a tough game in Fredericksburg, Virginia this afternoon. Even though Cam tried his best to defend the goal throughout the game, the FASA Classic Hotspur Plus team was on fire and dominated, with a talented offense that could successfully score from all over the field.

Cam had some wonderful saves, and, with help from his pal Robbie who plays defense, he did the best he could in a difficult game where it seemed he was always running, jumping and diving to stop a ball.

Although there was plenty of time to reflect on the loss over the 1 1/2-hour drive home, a stop at our favorite Steak ‘n Shake made us all feel better. After all, it’s hard to be unhappy when you have a table full of milkshakes in front of you, including Red Velvet, Heath Bar, Mint Chocolate Chip and Brownie Fudge.


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