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Macro Monday: Lily

Rainy Monday

Rainy Monday

It’s been a busy Monday so far, but I did take a few minutes to walk around the yard for some macro images since we had a soft rain falling on and off.

Cameron and I spent the past few weeks purchasing flowers and plants for our yard and garden, and some of them–along with our favorite old standbys–are finally planted and blooming. This young lily that’s emerging from a garden planter is one of more than a dozen that are in our garden and descendants of an Easter Lily I received many years ago.

Despite it being a rainy Monday, I’ve had a great day so far. I caught up with a dear friend and fellow writer from New Jersey, and we ended up deciding to collaborate on a future project, I wrote the first draft of a feature article and I’m preparing for a WordPress training session later this afternoon.

Rainy Mondays sometimes get people down, but for me it’s been a productive day full of friends, photos, fun and education.


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