Tricia Booker Photography

Hummingbirds Return

I was thrilled to see the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds return this week, and this male has now established the deck as his territory. He felt so comfortable this afternoon that he spent some time preening in between darting off to fight intruders.

We had new windows installed this past winter, and the improved glass really allows me to shoot through them with better results. I purchased a few new feeders that I set up near the window, and the addition of this hibiscus tree provides a nice perch for them and good photo ops for me.

I plan to introduce some other plants and trees to see if I can continue adding to my collection of fun and colorful Hummingbird images. And, if I’m lucky, this one will stick around for the summer; he seemed to enjoy being photographed as the click of the shutter didn’t faze him at all.


    • Thanks, Sally! Yes, it was great to see him sit on that tree. I need to fine-tune my set-up, though, because the best angle was shooting over the kitchen sink. So, I had to rest the lens hood on the sill and use the faucet to rest my hand and balance the camera. It got a bit uncomfortable leaning over after a few minutes!

    • Thanks! I actually used my 70-200 2.8 and a 2x teleconverter. So, they were shot at 400 and f5.6. It was getting near sunset, so I had to jump the ISO up to 1000 to keep the shutter speed around 1/1000. I’m going to try again this weekend when it’s brighter.

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