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Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

I have a confession to make. I’m not really a dedicated golfer. In fact, one of my favorite reasons for playing golf isn’t actually to hit the ball 200 yards down the fairway or sink that 30-foot putt. It’s to see what great images I can discover while out on the courses.

I usually bring my Sony RX100 along and keep it handy in one of the golf cart cubbies. Then, I can grab it when I have a few spare minutes and see a fun photograph.

On this particular day, I had ample opportunity to take photos because my husband and son were regularly hanging out in the wooded areas while I was straight down the fairway. Sometimes hitting it short but straight has its benefits!

I’ve found over the years that golf courses offer a variety of beautiful scenery, ample opportunity for wildlife viewing and even the occasional surprise, such as the random snake slithering by and a praying mantis that hitched a ride on our golf bag for several holes.

On this May afternoon, the spring blooms were out in full force, and I spent some time in the woods, too. But I figure my reasons were a little more entertaining and rewarding!


  1. This is lovely Tricia. Your time spent in the woods paid off big time! When it comes to golf, smarter is always better…shorter and straight is way better than crooked off in the woods. On par to get to the green, two putt = bogie golf. Nothing wrong with shooting in the 90’s!

  2. Great picture, in fact looking at the blog there are many good pictures on your blog and the composition and cropping really caught my attention. I like it and look forward to seeing more posts.

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