Tricia Booker Photography

Dandelion Dreams



If my new soccer mom friends hadn’t figured out I have some odd quirks, they probably know now.

Over the past several weeks spring has finally arrived in full force, the dandelions are in bloom and the soccer practices have seemed to stretch on forever, as the coaches take advantage of the lasting evening light to train the boys.

So, what does a bored soccer mom/photographer do? Why, take out the camera and experiment. And, if that means lying down in strange positions, in the middle of a patch of dandelions next to the soccer field, so be it.

On this evening, I couldn’t resist taking out the Sony RX100 for some macro shots with the setting sun as a backdrop. After recent rains, the grass was finally dry, and the dandelions took advantage of a break in the mowing to flower and disperse seeds.

While the boys kick a ball around a field for hours on end, I’ve discovered a wealth of photographic opportunities await, and I’m not afraid of getting down and dirty just like them.


  1. My daughter Laura called them “birthday flowers” She’d sing, make a wish, and blow the seeds off the dandelion head.
    Thanks for this beautiful photograph tonight.

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