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A Visit To Nelson

I traveled to Las Vegas last week for a working vacation. In addition to spending time with my longtime friend Carrie, attending shows, dining and shopping (and a little gambling, of course), I spent a wonderful morning with Las Vegas-based professional photographer Larry Hanna.

For the first time in my many trips to Vegas, I ventured outside the city limits and into the desert. What a great experience!

Larry, who is an amazing photographer of many talents (click here to visit his website), drove me to Nelson, Nevada, which is well off the beaten path. We spent time hiking around Lake Mohave before stopping by an abandoned gold mine and then visiting Techatticup, a settlement established in 1861.

Techatticup is a photographer’s dream come true, with authentic artifacts on display and in their abandoned states, just ready and waiting for someone to take notice and document their rusted and decrepit beauty.

Although photographing the Southwest isn’t in my repertoire, I fell completely in love with the arid landscape and reveled in the hot and dry conditions. Even the 40- to 50-mph winds we encountered that day didn’t dissuade me from jumping out of the car at every opportunity to capture an image of cacti, rock formations and the surrounding scenery.

While I certainly enjoyed the posh surroundings at the Bellagio where we stayed, getting outdoors, dirty and gritty with sand and chasing vultures was a highlight of the trip.



  1. Gorgeous! I love the desert around Vegas. Years ago I was lucky enough to see some of the burros and wild horses that are out and about there somewhere. There is also a great state or national park,something like Fire Valley. It has been ages. Thanks for the great views!

    • Wow, it would be great to return and see some wild horses. Few wildlife here on this day, just a few birds and lizards. I hear there are lots of great parks nearby and Hoover Dam, so I might have to find another excuse to return!

  2. Love these photos, Tricia! I had a hard time deciding on my favorite, but finally chose the cracked windshield for the unusual perspective and detail. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I look forward to seeing more of your photos!

  3. The Southwest and West are the premier areas of this country that continue to inspire my spirituality. The natural beauty of each turn astonished my sensibilities. I can imagine this experience was more than the sum of its parts. The link to Larry’s website did not work. Curious to see his photographs. Thanks.

  4. Great photos Tricia! The west is a whole different world compared to back east…every time I visit out there I’ve had a grand time! Looks and sounds like you did too!

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