Tricia Booker Photography

People’s Choice

This time, the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens annual spring photo contest is allowing for three submissions, which is an increase of one from previous years. I’d selected my two favorite photographs a few weeks ago, but today as I prepared to send them I realized I could add one more.

So, I edited a few images that caught my eye, and I thought it would be fun to ask you all which one of these you prefer. I’ll submit the photo that receives the most “votes” as the third entry.

There are no specific categories or themes for the contest, so I’ve always tried to choose photos that are more or less iconic of the plantation, gardens and the Audubon Swamp, which features an active spring rookery. The two I’ve already selected include a macro image of a flower and a wide-angle of the swamp at sunrise.

Thank you so much for helping me out, and I look forward to seeing which one catches your eye!


      • It was a difficult decision but ON PATROL had so many appealing elements…..contrasts of colors and textures and composition that was focused yet I couldn’t help but examine all of the elements before going back to the bird. With my three cockatoos, maybe I am just drawn to white birds!!!

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