Tricia Booker Photography

Flower Power


Tricia’s Flower (Sony RX100)

Cam and I have enjoyed a few impromptu photo expeditions over the past week in between the end-of-school functions, my deadlines (and the severe thunderstorms here on the East Coast), primarily focusing on macros and flowers.

Cam recently purchased the Olloclip for his iPhone, which allows him to take macro, wide–angle and fisheye images. He’s taken hundreds of photographs with it, working to figure out the optimal settings and subjects. Thanks to the heavy rains over the past few weeks, our garden is in full bloom, and Cam has spent lots of time photographing the flowers and insects.


Cam’s Flower (iPhone 4 and Olloclip)

Now that he’s collected quite a variety of macro images, he’s planning on posting a guest blog here soon. The image above has just a few minor tweaks in Lightroom for highlights and shadows, but otherwise it’s right out of the camera.

I’ve been quite impressed so far with the Olloclip and Cam’s results. While it’s not going to replace a dedicated macro lens or full-featured point-and-shoot, for about $70 you can add a lot of fun features to the camera you already have with you. The only trick to having the Olloclip around is persuading Cam to let me borrow it one in a while!


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