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Peppermint in Tech

After receiving an iPad for my birthday earlier this month, I’ve been learning more about how this tool can be used in my photography business.

Turns out there’s a great book called “iPad For Digital Photographers.” I’ve been reading and learning about how others use the tablet in their workflows and implementing some of their techniques in mine.

For this blog post I used the very first photo I took with my Sony RX100 and the Eye-Fi SD card, which automatically uploads the photos to the iPad as you take them. Of course, I used my favorite model!

I then carried the iPad outdoors and set it down while I walked around in the garden with the camera. It was pretty cool to see my results on the big screen in nearly real time as I photographed the flowers.

Technology is truly amazing, and I’m so happy and fortunate to be able to try these wonderful tools. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how quickly everything changes, but then I try to remember that old saying: how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. In this case, though, it’s more appropriate to say one byte at a time!



  1. Technology is truly amazing. Just imagine…we saw men on the moon, Star Trek communicators, portable phones, digital chart navigation devices, computers that sit on our desks, camera that take images and we can view them almost instantly, and who knows what’s on the horizon. Technology is truly amazing!!! Neat shot of your puppy!

    • So true, David. When you think about it like that, it’s truly amazing. How fortunate we are to live in these times and experience all of these marvels. I really enjoy trying to keep up with it all, too. I feel like I’m constantly stretching my brain cells, and I know that’s a good thing!

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