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Cathedral Falls

Cathedral Falls in West Virginia

Cathedral Falls in West Virginia

Another trip on the Midland Trail National Scenic Highway today through West Virginia, and, unfortunately, once again I traveled across this scenic route mostly in the rain. It’s still my preferred route from Virginia to Kentucky, and although I didn’t have as many photo ops, I enjoyed taking the scenic drive and not the monotonous I-64.

I happened to be in between storms when I passed through Gauley Bridge, so I stopped by my favorite waterfall, Cathedral Falls, which was in beautiful form. I spent some time playing with the settings on the Sony RX100. I didn’t have a tripod, so I used a dry rock to stabilize the camera and dropped the shutter speed in increments to 1/2 of a second to smooth out the water.

I had some camera movement below 1/8 of a second, so this is my best result on this day. In an effort to achieve more of that blurry water appearance, I used the Soft Focus filter in Color Efex Pro, which did take it closer to my vision.

So, it wasn’t the best day for capturing the images I had in mind, including the covered bridge that I’d hoped to visit, but I still enjoyed my journey on the Midland Trail.


  1. That little camera take some amazing photos. The dynamic range is super! I like the amount of motion blur you were able to create. The fact that it implies motion, but you can still tell that it is water works best for me. Just the way I see things I guess. I can feel the coolness and hear the water. Great photo!

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