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I finally had time over the Labor Day weekend to continue learning about my Sony RX100, so I spent some quality time with Gary L. Friedman’s book Sony’s Cybershot RX100 “Professional Insights for the Experienced Photographer.”

I’ve had the camera for about nine months, but I’ve only scratched the surface in learning all there is to know about this unique point-and-shoot. I’ve certainly obtained photos with this camera that I absolutely love–including a 12×18 canvas hanging above my desk–but to realize I’m only 1/3 of the way through this comprehensive book (425 pages) is a remarkable testament to the abilities of this tiny, pocketable camera.

This weekend I experimented with some of the Picture Effects settings, and the gallery above shows just a few of the choices available. Many of today’s point-and-shoot cameras have these built-in “filters” to add an artsy feel to your photographs, and I must admit I enjoyed the liberation from shooting RAW files; this time I had the camera do the post-production work.

After about two hours and 100+ photos, I found that my favorite effect was the Watercolor. I enjoyed the dreamy, painterly effect of this filter and that the images don’t really look like actual photographs. I certainly won’t use these settings on a daily basis, but I will keep them in mind for future times when I just feel like having some fun with photography–or letting creativity run amok!

So, which do you prefer (or not prefer) and why?





  1. Cynthia

    Illustration high. Not sure why. Perhaps because the thickness of the lines remind me of oil painting. Look forward to your continued experimentation. 😉

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