Tricia Booker Photography

PEC Beautiful Landscapes

Ginkgos by the Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge View

I’ve entered the Piedmont Environmental Council Photography contest a few times in the past couple of years. Even though there’s no huge cash prize awaiting the winners, I like to think that when I submit images I’m supporting the PEC for the great work they do in and around my home in Virginia. One of the rules of this photography contest is that the PEC is able to use the images in their publications and on their website.

I’ve joined the PEC staffers on a variety of hikes and field trips, watched rehabilitated raptors released, learned more about mushrooms and explored the history of the Crooked Run Valley, just to name a few of their offerings.

This year, two of my photographs made the top-five in the “Beautiful Landscape” category. Blue Ridge View was taken at the State Arboretum of Virginia in Clarke County, just down the road from my home. The ridge line in Blue Ridge View is the ridge on which I was standing to take the photo of Paris Valley.


Paris Valley

I’m fortunate to live in a place where many caring and generous people have worked tirelessly to save such places for us to enjoy. So, providing a few photographs each year, taken in these beautiful areas, is one small way I can show my appreciation.

If you’d care to see the other top images in the contest or would like to vote for the overall winners, please click here.



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