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A Perfect Seat

Glorious Ginkgos

Glorious Ginkgos

This fall, I monitored the Ginkgo Grove at the State Arboretum of Virginia on a regular basis, just waiting for the opportune time to photograph these glorious trees as they turn golden-yellow. Several times when I thought they’d be at peak color, I arrived to find they were still primarily green with just patches of yellow.

The Ginkgo is native of China and long revered for its medicinal qualities, as well as beauty. There are more than 300 trees in this collection, which draws many visitors during the fall.

Last weekend I ventured out several times, meeting many other photographers who were spending time with these trees, one of the largest groves of its kind in the United States. Unfortunately, after missing the beautiful evening light due to cloud cover on two visits, a cold front blew through taking many leaves with it but also clearing the skies.

I returned that evening to find a few patches of gold remaining and was rewarded with some vibrant images, which I edited slightly in Nik Color Efex Pro and Nik HDR 2 to enhance the highlights.



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