Tricia Booker Photography

Bird In Flight

Dark-eyed Junco

Dark-Eyed Junco

The birds have been out in full force over the past few weeks, with cardinals, sparrows, finches, wrens and woodpeckers regularly visiting my feeders.

One of my favorite birds to watch are the Dark-Eyed Juncos, who hang out in the yard over the winter months. They travel in small flocks, and they’re often the first ones up in the morning and the last to leave, taking care of the groundwork and cleaning up the spilled seeds in the yard.

Sometimes, when the other birds are absent, they’ll alight on the birdseed bell and the feeders. I caught this one taking aim at the bell, fluttering in a holding pattern while it decided where to land.

This is my installment for the letter B on the A-Z Challenge, which actually occurs weekly on Tuesdays. It’s a fun way to resurrect images from my library or take new ones for the theme, depending on my workload each week. There are a lot of very creative photographers participating, so if you have a few minutes for some inspiration, it’s a nice place to visit.


      • Oh, does that sound familiar. Bluebirds are back at my feeders. They dined last spring. and apparently had plenty in my gardens to fill their needs during summer and autumn. I always call my bird station a Disney world. Happy bird watching.

      • Oh, I wish we had the Bluebirds! They were here in the spring, made a nest in the yard, but then left and haven’t been back. I went to the Arboretum near my house today saw many there in the meadows. I guess they prefer a more open area in the winter.

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