Tricia Booker Photography

Cold II

Cold II

Cold II

I couldn’t resist adding another image of the birds hanging out in my yard today. I refilled the feeder with seed, added two more suet cakes, and hung my last birdseed bell, resulting in an increase in avian species. The woodpeckers–including the Red-Bellied version–were out in full force, no doubt enjoying the fresh suet.

Even the Dark-Eyed Juncos, which usually feed on the ground below the feeders, were brave enough to join the others on the feeders. This bird took a short break, and I caught a quick shot before returning to my desk for deadlines.

Tomorrow I need to take a trip to town to refill my stash. The weather isn’t expected to break until some time next week, so I have a feeling I’ll be going through the rest of my bird seed very quickly. I’d hate to lose my daily entertainment to another neighborhood feeder!


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