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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

2013-10-30_Arboretum_Booker_0005The squirrel in the bird feeder is one of my regular challenges, and although I’ve seen squirrel feeders at the farm and garden stores, I’ve not yet purchased one.

I have a feeling that the squirrels would simply bypass the obvious, because I believe they enjoy the challenge of scaling the front porch railings, leaping across the abyss to commandeer the feeder and chasing off the birds.

Although it might not be an unusual juxtaposition in the scheme of things–and I’m sure the Weekly Photo Challenge will have some cool entries–it’s the one I deal with nearly every winter day!




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  12. Sue

    I don’t know why the squirrels have suddenly become bigger pests on the bird feeders. Maybe their food storage is running out or the snow is too deep for them to get to it, but they are on those bird feeders more than the birds are these days.

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  17. Squirrels on the squirrel proof feeder is the classic squirrel picture. I am starting to wonder if there should be more truth in the advertising as in 1) the squirrel can’t destroy this one but can still feast like a king or 2) the squirrel can’t destroy or eat seeds from this one!

    • LOL! I did have one squirrel proof feeder that worked, but it was expensive and the neighborhood bear destroyed it within the month. I haven’t replaced it. Now, I just try and hang the feeders out of their reach, which is tough. They are amazing little acrobats!

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