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Docking Only

Docking Only

Docking Only

Here’s something a little different for the A-Z Challenge this week, which is Tagged D.

Last year I went on the Blueridge Photography Workshops Single Focal Length Workshop in Annapolis, Maryland, and had a great time. This year’s workshop is scheduled for April 19, and I hope to join them again. If you live within driving distance of Annapolis, it’s worth the early morning wake-up call to get out and see the sunrise over this beautiful city.

I revisited some of my images this week for a project and had fun editing them with Color Efex Pro 4. For this one I used the Detail Extractor Filter, Bleach Bypass and then finished it with the a filter that mimics film, this one was Fuji Velvia.

Here’s the link to the workshop if you’re interested in checking it out: Annapolis Single Focal Length Workshop. 


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