Tricia Booker Photography

A Rose Reworked


Peach Rose

The theme for last night’s Blandy Photo Club meeting was “Tabletop Photography,” so I returned to my files and re-edited a few images from the Blueridge Photography Workshop I attended last winter.

Although I really enjoyed experimenting with indoor macro photography last year, I haven’t spent time in that genre for many months. I have to admit that after playing with these files, I’m re-energized and ready to get out the equipment again! 

I shared five images of this rose (edited in different ways) with the club members, and this one was one of the favorites. This photo was first edited in Lightroom, where I cropped slightly and eliminated a few dust spots. Then, I took that file into Color Efex Pro, where I used Glamour Glow and Fuji Velvia Film filters. I returned to Lightroom to then tweak the vibrance and sharpening slightly.

I’ve enjoyed spending more time on continuing education this winter, and I’m seeing the results as I return to my photo files with a fresh outlook and improved skills. I’m able to give some images I’d passed over in the past a better chance at seeing the light of day. Now, I just need to get some of these deadlines finished so I can keep on learning!



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