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Berkley Springs

Berkeley Springs

Last weekend we managed to get out during a break in the weather to hike in West Virginia. We traveled to the Berkeley Springs area and enjoyed a few hours at Cacapon State Park on the trails as well as a stroll through the artsy downtown.

Berkeley Springs is home to the country’s first spa, and the mineral springs are still a popular place. In fact, as I shot the image above, a man was in the adjacent pool taking a bath outdoors at 32 degrees!

I preferred to remain in my coat and gloves and only took them off when we entered the newly opened Inn at Berkeley Springs, which is adjacent to the springs.

Our longtime friend purchased the restaurant at the Inn, Park View Restaurant and Tavern, and it was our first visit. Berkeley Springs has always been a favorite destination for us because we so enjoy Cacapon, and I’m happy that there’s now another reason for us to venture up there. Of course, we’ll now have to add a few extra hills to our hikes to burn off all of the delicious extra calories!

I’ve titled this bubbling spring Erupt to fulfill this week’s A-Z Challenge. This image was shot with the Sony A7 and 35mm 2.8 lens and edited in Lightroom and Color Efex Pro with the Detail Extractor and Fuji Velvia filters.


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