Tricia Booker Photography

Of Snow and Taxes


Cacapon Stream

This is the never-ending winter in Virginia, but I’m trying to remain optimistic and get out and shoot as much as possible when time and weather permit.

Due to the poor conditions this weekend, however, I actually stayed inside most of the time and finished preparing our 2013 taxes. If you live in the United States or are familiar with the U.S. tax code, you’ll understand why I just had to document this monumental day.

Taxes are due on April 15 each year, and today is February 10. I’ve just achieved a personal best and shattered my previous record, which was late March. If I were in the “Tax Preparation Olympic Games,” I’d probably be in medal contention!

I pulled out some images from last week’s hike in West Virginia to edit this afternoon during a break from work. To have finished the taxes when snow is still on the ground is so unusual I had to put the two moments together in time on my blog. It will likely never happen again!

This photograph was edited in Color Efex Pro with Detail Extractor and the Fuji Velvia filters.



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