Tricia Booker Photography

Fishing in Florida

Fishing in Florida

Fishing in Florida

So, I should be in Florida today, but thanks to winter storm “Pax” I’m stuck in Virginia awaiting 12+ inches of snow to fall tonight and tomorrow.

It’s the second consecutive business trip this winter that’s been disrupted by snow and ice, and I’m particularly disappointed because I will miss photographing the resident birds that make this horse show double the fun.

As I awaited the first flakes to fall, charged all of my batteries in case of a power outage and finished up a few deadlines, I took a couple of minutes to find a photograph for this week’s A-Z Challenge, which is tagged F.

It’s likely I will miss adding any additional water birds to my files this week, and I’ll have to turn my lens to those that don’t fly south for the winter. I did make a point to pick up more suet and seed yesterday while I was at the grocery store, for those who will also be snowed in with me this week. At least we’ll all be well fed even if we’re not exactly warm.

This image was edited in Color Efex Pro with the Detail Extractor, Glamour Glow and Fuji Velvia filters.


  1. Hi Tricia,
    Sorry your plans are once again disrupted. Your shot is beautiful. So soft and relaxing.
    I am some what looking forward to the snow. I would like it to be here for 3 hours and then melt away. It is just for the photo op down where I am. There hasn’t been much in Dumfries in the way of snow all season. I am working on the “TREE” field trip and this will give an opportunity to capture dark to light exposures as examples on how to deal with adverse exposure situations. Also great for black and white.

    Take care and be safe.


    • Thanks Elliot! Well, I think you will get your wish for some snow down there if the forecast holds true. I think we’ve had snow on the ground up here for almost two straight months now. I’m ready for a break. But I’m sure I’ll get my camera out for some fun shots if we do get the big snow. Once I know a few more details regarding my spring schedule, I’ll sign up to join you on one of the new field trips. They sound like fun!

  2. Sorry to hear your trip has been postponed, westher! In contrast I’m away north to hunt down some snowcapped mountains at the weekend, I doubt there will be any birds either! Hope you manage some good shots when you eventuallly get to Florida, I’ll look forward to seeing the results!

    • Thanks Kieran! I hope you have a wonderful trip and capture lots of great images. Alas, my flight today was also canceled, so I’m stuck here in the winter wonderland. But, I will find some shots here and maybe play with black and white instead. Always a silver lining!

  3. Yes, we’re awaiting the storm too–ugh, enough with this winter’s wrath. “My” birds are ravenous, trying to stay warm. The temps have been unusually low here. Your image is lovely, especially the green markings around its eye gives a particular touch to it.

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