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More Snow

More Snow

More Snow

Peppermint’s expression says it all. We had 18 inches of snow today, and it’s still coming down almost 24 hours later. We spent most of the afternoon digging out. We were so tired and sore by the end of the day that we looked forward to getting into the hot tub. Then, just when we called it a day, the sleet and freezing rain started to mix in with the snow. No fun sitting outside in that weather.

We have three to four more hours of snow, and then it might be over…until tomorrow night when another clipper storm blows through. While my friends are in Florida soaking in the sun, I’ll be spending the rest of the weekend soaking wet from the snow and sleet. Oh well, maybe we’ll dig out in time to take a quick trip up to the ski hill.

Busting Through

Busting Through



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