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Wildlife Wednesday

20140219-_1TB8907Unfortunately, this squirrel isn’t very wild because it’s decided our front yard, porch and bird feeder are its home away from home.

I have to admit that after watching the half-dozen squirrels invading my yard this winter, this little one has tugged at my heartstrings. It’s the smallest, thinnest and has a scar on its back, so more and more often I’ve let it hang out.

Peppermint watches it through the glass door, and it’s become so brave that it stands five feet away and simply watches her back. Today I took out my camera and shot a few images from the doorway as it foraged in the snow. Even with the loud shutter, it stood its ground. I’m not sure if its smarter than the others or just desperate for food!

In any case, it entertained me today and became a nice subject for my Wednesday post.



    • That’s awesome! I have a question for you, then. Is there a way to tell the gender of the squirrels from a distance? Just curious. Despite this one’s scrawny size, it seems to be dominant over some of the others as I’ve watched it over the past few days.

  1. Little squirrels need love too! Such a sweet one and I hope he/she survives the winter. Thank goodness you shoot with a camera and not with a pellet gun as our “shoot it if it moves” neighborhood is prone to do.

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