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Happy Horse


Happy Friday

It’s been a very productive week, but I do have to admit I feel like this horse: Happy that it’s Friday!

I took my Sony A7 and Sony Zeiss 35mm 2.8 lens out for a photo shoot yesterday at a client’s barn and enjoyed experimenting with it indoors and out. This is a mirrorless camera, so it’s smaller than a DSLR, but it retains many of the features found in its larger cousin, such as a full-frame sensor.

I decided to invest in this camera for just such jobs, when I don’t need to photograph action but still want high-quality photos in a variety of settings for clients and their websites. It will also double as the camera I can use for awards shots when I don’t necessarily want to be changing lenses in the middle of the show ring.

I rarely use auto ISO on my DSLRs, but I read that many people shoot the A7 in this mode (where the camera chooses the sensitivity to light). So, I selected this ISO setting along with shutter priority and primarily concentrated on composition and didn’t worry as much about the lighting. It was a pleasure to use this camera in this way, and I was pleased with the resulting images.

This photo also doubles as my Tagged H entry for this week’s A-Z Challenge. I’m now caught up!



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