Tricia Booker Photography

In My Yard

Today the yard was busy with visitors searching for a morning meal. The birds had an easier time than the deer, however, as their breakfast was provided in exchange for a few photos.

The deer browsed on the tender tips of some new growth in the front yard, but they didn’t remain long. Their tracks meandered through the new-fallen snow as they traversed the property, checking out the woodpile as well as the remaining dry grass underneath the decks.

The three deer in the yard appeared healthier than others I’ve seen in the neighborhood, so I imagine they’ve found enough to eat during this unusually cold winter. No doubt they’ll return, as they do each spring, to graze on the flowers in the garden and show off their new fawns. Hopefully, I’ll be ready with the camera again.

This post is my Tagged I entry for this week’s A-Z Challenge.


      • Oh how lovely! They must have a certain amount of trust in you 🙂 We’re a bit too built up here for the kind of diverse wildlife you get. I do enjoy our garden birds though! We had lots of young fledglings last year, particularly the blue tits and they’re just a delight to watch 🙂

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