Tricia Booker Photography

Guy Week on the Mountain

We’ve spent time over the past week preparing for spring, and one of my projects was to transition the winter bird feeding stations for the new season.

The ground was finally soft enough for me to install a new feeding station, which now holds a variety of feeders, including a squirrel-proof model! Over the past few days I’ve observed the results, and so far no squirrels have managed to figure it out. They do hang out under the feeders, harvesting all of the seeds the birds drop from above, so I think they’ll do just fine.

I counted more than a dozen bird species at the feeders just today, so I hope I’ve managed to figure out all of their particular tastes, from Wagner’s Greatest Variety bird seed, to three types of suet and thistle for the finches. The males have been especially busy, establishing their territories and showing off for the females.

Now, it would really look and feel more like spring if the snow and sleet would stop falling!


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