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Just Reward

Just Reward

I’ve now been a member of The Arcanum for about four months, and it’s been a wonderful experience. As a member of Laurie Rubin‘s Wildlife and Nature Cohort, I’ve been inspired to challenge myself in a variety of ways, through photographing different animals, using post-processing methods and software in new ways, as well as thinking creatively outside my comfort zone.

After spending the month of July at Horse Shows by the Bay in Traverse City, Michigan, I asked Laurie if I could submit work photographs for my next critique, which is for Level 9. She agreed and suggested that I process some of them differently than I typically would for work purposes.

After shooting more than 10,000 images over the month, it was a long process to sort through them for those that I thought might have that special “wow” factor that Laurie likes so much. But since I had The Arcanum in the back of my mind whenever I was out with my camera, I did see see differently through the lens, and thus the challenge became picking those that captured a special moment.

Interestingly, I believe having The Arcanum as another “job” in my mind helped to make my work images even better. After getting what I needed for the daily press releases, I would often try different camera angles, lenses and find new details to shoot, which opened my eyes up again to the art of equestrian sport. After 25+ years of photographing Hunters and Jumpers, sometimes it’s difficult to generate new and different perspectives!

Admittedly, on some days I found myself too tired or pressed for time to experiment, but when I did it reminded me of the early years when my enthusiasm and energy were boundless, and I returned home with more than just photos of horses jumping over fences. I found that even during the fourth week, when exhaustion was taking command, I rallied to take some of my best images of the show thanks to my newfound inspiration to think more creatively.

Has The Arcanum changed my way of working and generating images? Definitely! Even after just four months, I’ve revived my creative spirit even more than I could have imagined.

Then, the day after I returned home last week, Trey Ratcliff, one of The Arcanum founders, sent me a link to this new video they compiled about The Arcanum. I’m honored and humbled that they chose to use me as an example of someone who has benefited from this unique experience.

I’m sure I will have many more updates as my adventure in The Arcanum continues, and I look forward to discovering all of the new and exciting challenges that await. Here are a few of the images I’ve submitted for my next critique with Laurie. I will let you know how it turns out!





    • Thanks Patti! So much fun to keep learning and growing as a photographer even after all of these years. I remember a teacher telling me in high school she thought I was one of those people who would be a lifelong learner because I was always so eager to take the next step. I guess that’s turned out to be pretty true.

  1. Being included in the Arcanum video is SO SPECIAL!!! Your efforts in becoming the best of the best has come to fruition and to think you were doing professional wedding photography when you were a teenager. We are very proud of you……can’t say that often enough.

    • Of course, if I knew then what I knew now I would have been freaked out to photograph a wedding with such limited experience! But it all worked out, and I’m glad that I learned early on all about how important photography is in the life of those who receive the photos as well as those who make them.

    • Thanks, Sue! Yes, having someone in my head when I’m out working has been kind of cool. I didn’t expect this to happen. I’m so ingrained in doing what I do that it seems almost like breathing. The Arcanum experience has certainly provided additional inspiration to keep doing what I do but maybe better.

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