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It’s approaching five months since I began my journey with The Arcanum, and, if I could describe this time in one word it’s “inspired.”

I have always loved photography and creating images, but sometimes I’d find myself stuck in the same routines, focusing primarily on my work and the images that I knew I needed to take, which aren’t necessarily the ones that recharged my creative engine.

Having The Arcanum in my life has allowed me, so far, to avoid those stagnant times and expand my creative repertoire this summer.

Thanks to my mentor, Laurie Rubin, I’ve experienced a variety of new challenges through working my way up in The Arcanum’s Foundation Levels. As you see from the certificate above I received from Laurie last week, I’ve now graduated to Sphere 1, which is “where new challenges, growth and mystery awaits.”

I’ve always been the type of person who thrives on making goals and working hard to achieve them, so The Arcanum has been a great addition to my world. As some of you know who have followed this blog for a while, my horse died two summers ago and I’ve not replaced him. There’s been a void in my life since then, and although I’m not ready to find a new equine partner yet, photography has helped to fill that place.

Although the Sphere 1 curriculum on The Arcanum website isn’t as spelled out to us as the Foundation Levels were, I actually find that fact even more energizing. The mystery of working your way to the unknown is actually kind of fun, and it takes me back to my younger years when so much of life was new and exciting. You had less experience and often fewer expectations, so you never knew what new adventure awaited you around the next corner.


The goals I have in photography now are different than they were before I joined The Arcanum in April and met Laurie. One important aspect I’ve realized is that I’m fine-tuning my preferences and pinpointing the direction I’ll take in the future. I know now that photographing wild animals in captivity isn’t for me, and that the birds and animals in my own backyard continue to entertain and inspire me.

Horses, of course, still remain my favorite subject, and I’ve enjoyed implementing the expanded skill set that I’ve acquired in The Arcanum to further enrich my equine portfolio.

It was great to see that The Arcanum has already been rated the No. 8 out of 51 top websites for learning online here. That’s a testament to the vision of founder Trey Ratcliff and his team for this unique educational program.

So, as I embark into Sphere 1, I’m looking forward to seeing where it all leads. I’m now known as “Tricia The Storyteller” in The Arcanum, and I’m sure I’ll have many more stories to tell through photos and words as this inspirational journey continues.



    • Hi Karen! The Arcanum has been a great motivator for sure. But my favorite subjects are now gone. I had one hummingbird left yesterday, but no sightings this morning. I even filled the feeders last night hoping they’d stick around a few more days! Fall is fast approaching…

    • Hi Bill! The Arcanum is like an old-fashioned learning experience where you work with a mentor one-on-one and within a small group setting. It’s a bit like the USHJA’s EAP where you get feedback from the clinician while also working with your peers in a more connected basis. The difference here, though, is we can do this online and in a Google hangout in person. A bit easier than trailering a horse all over 🙂 the world! It’s a fun way to keep the continuing education going. I hope that helps!

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