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The Arcanum’s Artist’s Atrium, a community on Google+, features a photography challenge each week, and this time the theme was Windows.

I returned to my files from a trip to Las Vegas in 2013 where I photographed a ghost town in Eldorado Canyon, Nevada. The old mining town of Nelson was notorious for being rough and lawless, with a variety of famous murders, probably in part because it was the site of one of the biggest mining booms in state history back in 1859.

Remnants remain of its heyday, including barns and outbuildings, antique automobiles and a former Texaco Gas Station. The location has been regularly used for films, and offers photographers a bounty of cool subjects. While you can certainly find echoes of the past wherever you look, the shooting here now is mostly with cameras.





  1. You have certainly thought outside the square with this one Tricia, it has a haunting abandoned feel. The focus on the cracks in the windscreen highlights the tiny droplets of rain/dew.

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