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Tuesday Photography Tip: Relationships

When you think “sports photography” you usually imagine fast action and catching that decisive moment, the instant the ball hits the net or the emotion of the players as they fight for possession of the ball.

I certainly have those same goals when photographing a game, but sometimes I like to change my tactics. Last Sunday was one of those instances, when I found more of my favorite shots happened in between those intense shots or battles.

Cameron’s travel soccer team was divided into two smaller teams for the winter Futsal league, and he and his best friend Robbie (No. 21) happened to be selected for different teams. The two teams faced off this weekend, and it was great fun to watch Cam and Robbie play against each other because they’ve been on the same soccer team for almost a decade.

Sometimes I would even stop following the ball and check to see what Cam and Robbie were up to on the other end of the gymnasium, and it was usually something entertaining. I also enjoyed catching Robbie give Cameron some extra grief when he let a ball get past him as goalie.

While it’s great to capture those special action shots, I also enjoy the relationships between players, and this day was a perfect example of the importance of watching more than only the ball.


  1. Enjoyed these sports action photos very much.

    Similar to your son and his pal giving each other extra grief, my daughters do the same with each other. They often compete in the same classes.

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