Tricia Booker Photography



The Arcanum’s Artist’s Atrium, a community on Google+, added the theme Intersections for this week’s photography challenge.

As I was wandering around in my recent files looking for a photo that spoke to me of Intersections, I came across this image. I’d taken it while on my way home from a nearby scenic overlook where I’d hoped to photograph a night rocket launch over Virginia. The launch was delayed, so as I drove the 1 mile home without photos and with the camera on my lap, I felt compelled to create something. It’s not a photo of an intersection, but instead time spent at an intersection!

This photo is a 1 second exposure (hand-held) that I edited in Lightroom, adding Clarity and Vibrance to make the colors pop a bit more.

P.S. The Arcanum unveiled a beautiful new website yesterday, so if you haven’t visited lately (or at all), you might enjoy seeing the new images and reading about the creative educational opportunities available.


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