Tricia Booker Photography

Ice Time



Another Monday and another snow day here in Virginia. I spent the day indoors watching the snow and ice accumulate as I worked on the computer.

While I had intended to get outside to photograph the new snow on the mountain, the spitting ice and freezing rain prevented me from venturing out too far. I did spend time on the front porch, dispensing birdseed and capturing some images from under cover, including these bushes.

The birds typically enjoy hiding and resting on these bushes, which make great photo props, but today they were absent, spending most of their time under the bird feeders foraging. I don’t blame them for skipping the icy feet–I wore my best wool socks and still felt chilly today!




  1. Lucindd

    We are in FL and watching your weather on TV……I am eager to see your snow pictures when it is all over. The frozen branches are a good teaser.

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